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holistic by nature

Featured Projects

MAR_13 ©Studio nab.jpg


Mediterranean Alliance Rescue (MAR) networks multi-purpose rescue platforms across the Mediterranean basin with the aim of saving lives, preserving biodiversity and producing clean energy.

Blachon Bay

Bringing together fauna, flora and humans in a renaturation project combining circular economy and territorial ecology.

Domino Studio nab


All interdependent and interconnected, we are all one. Peoples are pillars, like dominoes supporting a same home, our common home, the Earth. When a domino falls, a nation falls, people fall, and we all fall in an inexorable chain reaction. The domino effect.

05_World Popular Forum_concept©Studio nab.jpg

Popular forum

A common place where citizens can take part in a genuine democratic process and rewrite the rules of the socio-political-economic game...

New Border_R03© Studio nab.png

New border

A bilateral, ecologic and humanistic approach to the border. Or when the wall can must be part of the solution to the immigration issue.

Car Parks 2.0_08_©Studio nab.jpg

Car park 2.0

Rethinking the commercial parking area to make it an eco-responsible, productive, sustainable and more humane place.

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