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Constructive Utopia




Gaza City - Palestine

Phase :


"Our common home"

All interdependent and interconnected, we are all one. Peoples are pillars, like dominoes supporting a same home, our common home, the Earth. When a domino falls, a nation falls, people fall, and we all fall in an inexorable chain reaction. The domino effect. The consequences vary from one individual to another, but we all have something to lose, and the poorest and most disadvantaged among us are always on the front line.

The wars that disfigure the world today and the quest for power and domination that accompanies them, are a real scourge for all forms of life on Earth. Pride, predation and selfishness provoke tensions and struggles that shatter our sense of brotherhood. Every conflict situation, as in the Middle East, Ukraine, Haiti and Sudan, brings in its wake the suffering of millions of people : men, women, brothers, sisters, children, the elderly and entire communities. These needless massacres and appalling ruins only serve to heighten the sense of generalized fear and escalating conflict. The domino effect.

Weighting, justice, human rights and negotiation should become the only objectives to be achieved, the use of force, hostility, violence and belligerence should be banished from our existences. Yet we are not strangers to one another, nor are we superior to one another, and we can no longer ignore one another, for we are all seated at the same table, that of humanity. It has become urgent to recognize the value of the peoples of each nation in order to build a bridge between beings and create an unshakeable pact of brotherhood for all present and future generations.

Teaching people to live in peace, promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts and developing friendly relations between nations - these should be the top priorities of the international community and of the individuals responsible for the greatest number, instead of the quest for power and the arming of nations.

War is the denial of all rights, putting down weapons, means showing forgiveness, clemency and generosity, this should be the objective to achieve. Stemming the phenomenon of escalation of conflicts, means stopping the attack on human rights and in particular violence against the poorest.

Organizing fraternal collaboration between peoples means facilitating coexistence between nations by giving everyone, without exception, a place to shine, a place to express themselves and a real megaphone. It means creating a new system of international life that is stable, enviable and sustainable.

Promoting the cultural and ethnic richness of each people means getting to know the other, means no longer being afraid of them, means facilitating her discovery so that we can understand and accept our differences.

Accelerating economic and social progress means being able to establish a system of international solidarity, it is marking a founding step in the development of mankind, it is looking towards a serene future.

To aspire to the dignity of life, to freedom, to the hope of concord and peace, is to capture the highest in human wisdom, for grasp his sacred nature.

To honor the voices of the living and the dead, it's making them ours. It's paying tribute to us.


Located in the north of the Gaza Strip, on the border with Israel, 90 kilometers from Jerusalem, near the Erez checkpoint, the concept, based on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, is a space of peace offering the reconstruction of housing for Gazans. Each pavilion per nation also hosts a memorial, a space for diplomacy and cultural discovery. It is a collaborative project, funded by the international community where each nation present does its part, for the common good. For a common home.

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