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Blachon Bay


Landscape + Urban planning




Town of Lamentin


In progress


Guadeloupe (FR)


40000 sqm

This zone has been identified as an unattractive area today, a heat island characterized by significant soil impermeabilization.
The main aim of the project will be to revitalize the area by capitalizing on local know-how and biodiversity, and to turn this neglected space into a place where human activity and nature can coexist.
In particular, the project aims to free the area from cars by restoring a significant part of the space to biodiversity, notably by creating a square and a "marsh" area.
In this way, the public space will be greened and desilted, and surface area will be given back to "the living", in a sporadic and responsible approach to de-urbanization.
A project that offers opportunities for rest and contemplation, while marking the identity of the port with a varied vocabulary of facilities integrated into the natural environment.

The park:
Continuing on from the port area, this zone has been identified as unattractive today, as a buffer space in tension, squeezed between a triptych of seafront, agricultural edge and multi-family housing developments.
An anthropized area that has become an almost residual wasteland as a result of land-saving imperatives. An area that has yet to find a logical and lasting place in the natural context to which it must be (re)grafted, if it is to exist and (re)create the link between natural spaces and human activities.
With this in mind, and based on the recommendations of the ecological diagnosis, the project will firstly create a functional ecological corridor to enable the transit of fauna between the Forêts du Grand Trou to the north and the Forêt de la Ravine Sans Nom to the south.
Secondly, the project seeks to reconnect landscape and human activities by recycling the available land into a multi-disciplinary and educational zone of expression.

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