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Popular Forum





In the face of the great upheavals facing humanity, it has become urgent to profoundly transform the very structure of our societies and the relationship we have with nature and the prodigious earth system we are destroying.
The concept of the Popular Forum was born in response to the countless upheavals of our time; several phenomena have resonated with each other, notably the harmful impact of a certain «upper class» on the entire human ecosystem;
Through this concept of a Popular Forum, we will seek to free modern man from the horrors and dictates imposed by capitalism and oligarchic omnipotence.
And to offer citizens the opportunity to free themselves from the darkness of ignorance, dogma and unfounded beliefs in order to try to adopt a new political, historical, philosophical and social perspective on the major issues of our time.
This project was born from a desire to create a common place to expand the field of knowledge and offer the possibility to each citizen to express himself and to change the rules of the socio-political-financial game.
That each of us can become a force of proposal on central subjects in a globalized system in the hands of the financial elite and of a small political caste too used to the game of musical chairs...
A place that aims to generate a counter-hegemony by grasping in a profound way the evils of our time to better treat them; Inequality, economy, conflicts, food, energy etc...
In total, twelve major areas, all interrelated and interdependent, will have the opportunity to be addressed within the forums.
You will have understood that the Popular Forum is a place of political reappropriation and civic rights conceived in the form of citizenship workshops networked within an architectural figure whose constructive layout favors this kind of dialogue.
The Popular Forum is a space that synthesizes the struggles to be waged and that restores to the people and to the leaders of this world the founding thought of the mass: that is, the thought of the people themselves.
It is the anti-World Economic Forum par excellence since it concentrates, not the power of the oligarchy and the political-financial caste in a place of inter-society, but, in a plural way, the expression of the voice of the people whose value is inestimable since obviously over-representative in number of individuals!
Within a space that is both unique in its synthetic approach to societal issues and multiple in its ability to network several forums together on several continents. It is therefore a real network that can be set up on the territory of a country, in each of the metropolises, towns and countryside that make it up.
A place, which will finally allow to demand, even to force the elected officials and other «powerful» of this world to redistribute the reins of power and decision making.
To make the caste «finally accountable» to the citizens, keeping in mind that the objective is not to generate a new form of duality between individuals but to integrate everyone without any discrimination in this new world order which is already at work, Popular by essence!

__The genesis : A statement:
1) The observation that international organizations, informal discussion groups and other economic summits symbolizing the domination of the main world powers serve to pass the compromises most favorable to the interests of capitalism. It is within the framework of these compromises that the economic and financial policies are decided, which will be imposed on the peoples and not decided in the interest of the peoples.
2) «The Yellow Vests» movement, in France, in Europe and in the rest of the world...
Regardless of the other social movements seen globally over the 2018/2022 period.

__A legacy : Age of Enlightenment :
For Kant, in 1784, «The Enlightenment» consists in the process which will allow each one to dare to think by himself. The century is not yet enlightened but on the way to a time when, freed from their ancient tutors, all men will be able to make a free and learned use of their reason before the reading public.
To dare to think for oneself and to make a free and learned use of one’s reason to share it with the world.
This is precisely what the Popular Forum aspires to, to make every citizen, wherever he or she may be located in the world, belong to the philosophical tradition of the Enlightenment and rediscover his or her freedom of conscience, his or her individual freedom, his or her freedom to think and to shape a new and desirable world...

__A «Herculean» mission : 12 Labors
The Popular Forum is a twelve-pointed star that will host twelve working groups whose mission will be to positively influence twelve major issues of our time, «a Herculean mission» certainly, but not impossible!
The threats to the entire planet are in one way or another all interdependent and interconnected, which is why it has become urgent not to treat them in isolation but in an inclusive manner. And to take on the problems with courage and determination in a Herculean way!

__A known device : Popular initiative referendum (PIR)
The PIR process is a direct democracy device of popular origin which allows citizens gathering a number of signatures fixed by law to refer to the population by referendum without the need for the agreement of Parliament or the President of the Republic.
The World Popular Forum can have both a :
> Constituent (or constitutional): modification of the Constitution
> Repealing (or abrogating): cancellation of a law
> Revocatory: removal of a member of a public or private institution
> Legislative : adoption of a text (law, decree, order, regulation...)
Each of the twelve branches of the star will take the form of a citizenship workshop and will host a think tank composed of about fifteen citizens from all walks of life as well as a main referent, all drawn by lot for a period of 3 to 6 months for example.
These workshops will aim to influence in a concrete way the democratic and legislative process of the country in which it will be established, to promote equal opportunities, access to the word for all and to make citizens become real reformers by the strength of their ideas and their proposals of application.

__The P.F. : an architecture
Twelve «Herculean» works thought within a twelve-pointed star (a dodecagram), an architectural figure extracted from the urban footprint of the Place de l’Étoile dear to the yellow vests.
An architectural figure adapted to the development of twelve workshops associating both the direction and the radiation of ideas. Each branch representing the figure of the funnel and the process of leveling ideas from the bottom to the top... Towards the center of the figure; the «arena» of public debate, the space for conferences and forum events.

__The P.F. : a network
With a view to unifying nations and re-establishing a dialogue that is broken today. Networking will be necessary, a more than desirable vision if we obviously want a common future!
Within a space that is both unique in its synthetic approach to societal issues and multiple in its ability to network several forums together on several continents. It is therefore a real network that can be set up on the territory of a country, in each of the metropolises, towns and countryside that make it up.

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